At the heart of the wine-growing terroir of Saint Emilion, the spirit of Gironde runs through Cedric Béchade’s cuisine, its fragrances, its colours, its light. He tells the story of this region through his delicious cuisine developed in the spirit of wine. He wants to work the flavour’s length, the aromas’ finesse, the search for retro nasal olfaction, the textures contrast… The origin and farming of the culinary produce is linked to the grape variety and to the vineyard terroir, the farmer and chef’s work is linked to the wine-grower’s own work too. We can talk about his bordelaise semolina or his Saint Emilion wine infused butter, they are a link between terroir produces and the wine flavours, allowing the dishes to be a bridge between two worlds sometimes far apart.  

cedric BÉCHADE’s cuisine is delicate, concerned about well-being, created with taste and lightness in mind. 

Cédric Béchade gets rid of the hierarchy between produces, affirming that there are no noble products, only high quality products. He considers that cuisine is defined first and foremost by high quality products whose personality has been ennobled thanks to the producer’s strong approach then the chef’s approach who puts the product in music by associating it to other flavours. Pierre Duplantier’s fatted chicken, Gérard Burgaud’s Challans duck are two of the many producers showing the excellence of animal farming which is respected and whose meat will later be magnified with floral notes, gently tart, nicely round… 

Three strong and indivisible moral values are the guidelines of his cuisine: taste, gourmandise and generosity. Cuisine is transmission, coming from tradition, which is actually still present, often modern. Cuisine also has to be authentic, sincere, respectful of man and nature. Cuisine is emotion, and because of that always reaching for creation, new harmonies, imagination and love.