From his Breton origin, Ronan Kervarrec has all the beautiful temperaments whose travelling soul, the love of cooking, the daring of delicate associations.  And it is watching his father cooking, in the Family Inn called Toul-Douaren in Britain, that he discovered his vocation to become a Chef.

He loves nature, he is interested in flavor combinations, he takes advantage of his native region treasures and will engage in a learning refine training with the greatest Chefs as Joël Robuchon, Georges Blanc, Guy Krenzer and Yannick Alléno, and all those personalities will encourage him  to look beyond the technical aspects to grow to his author cooking based on his experience and his personal way of seeing gastronomy.
He will get in 2011, the 2 stars award, and this recompense highlights his determination, his hard work, his technical skill and passion ! He is interested in all aspects of a meal, from the product selection to the plating, and pays special attention that each element is up to his ambitions. 
Now he will guide the Hostellerie de Plaisance cuisine.

Mother's Day

Our restaurant is exceptionally open on Sunday May 29th. At this occasion we propose a special room offer for the weekend with a CLARINS Paris gift for Madame

A week-end for the Mother's Day >>