The huge dining room is impressive with its proportions, the stunning volume and the way every thing is put together to protect the intimacy of each table. Being alone in the world when, at the same time, among other diners, a remarkable feat.  

Wood beams, wire chandeliers, interlacing red woven carpets, wide plates where the imaginary can play, flasks exposed on bright shelves, each element gives to the space a warm note, creates a voluptuous atmosphere, intimate with, at its heart, a signature cuisine

I WANTED A majestic RESTAURANT room because cuisine always needs a frame. I like the idea of not being at home, of going out, going to a different place, unic, rare.


The chef orchestrates the meal rhythm, the plates’ harmony and their ballet on the table. Gold and silver flashes on an immaculate white background, flowers, drops of colour, dim light, candles, a discreet and elegant service, it is all a dream, a few hours of culinary delight and muffled conversation… The chef’s creative, gourmande and sharp cuisine finds here an atmosphere on its own level, simple and serene. Chef de rang, waiters, sommeliers, the whole team protects the harmony of these hours shared among the diners, and makes sure that, to the smallest detail, service is remains present and graceful. 

You can also sometimes abandon this sumptuous dining room to get to the terrace, a few meters away, overlooking the village and its surroundings. In the evening breeze you then get to enjoy a gastronomic diner, blanketed in a dark night.