The vineyards are hard work, just like the hotel or the restaurant, but work that shapes the landscape, work that holds the human print. A hotel and a restaurant are, first and foremost, a human adventure, a team who, discreetly, anticipates the guests’ needs, who pays attention to these minimal details that make a difference, a team who plays the sheet music of perfection. 

A hotel and a restaurant are a multitude of professions, of gestures, daily attentions, a ballet of synchronised movements, an ensemble of actions and people to guide, a sheet that needs to be put in music. 

The Hostellerie de Plaisance team is made of rich, nuanced professional personalities that all pay great attention to details to transform your stay, even very brief, into a rare moment. There are a xxx of discreet, attentive people making sure that nothing disturbs the customer’s look at his surroundings. It is all luxury, serenity, happiness, simple but true. 

« in saint-emilion, i wanted to create a beautiful establishement and i learned the necessary enthusiasm and precision to make this human and hotel adventure happen… »

chantal perse 

In the kitchen and in the dining room, the chef bases his action on trust and professionalism, calling for individual responsibility and everyone’s solidarity. Everyone makes sure to highlight the high quality products and cuisine, as well as the wines. Chantal Perse managed to unite a team on a major project based  in a historical place.