At the heart of the vineyard, numerous high quality services including the terrace bar, allow you to make your stay in the Hostellerie de Plaisance of Saint Emilion a moment to discover and enjoy wine. 

Benoit Gelin has been at the head of the Hostellerie de Plaisance’s wine cellar for twelve years and assists the customers in selecting and discovering the Saint Emilion grands crus in harmony with Cédric Béchade’s cuisine.

On the wine side, Benoît Gelin proposes on his menu essentially… Saint Emilion. The designation represents a selection of 80 castles with, for each, no less than 4 vintages. And his desire to show the differences in terroirs on 5600 hectares, the wine-growers’ personalities, the beauty of wines themselves captivates him daily. Other than this exceptional selection, the region with its fronsac and médocs, is also well represented, just as Bourgogne, Loire and Rhône are, further away, for which he again proposes an excellent selection. 


i like the bonds i created with the proprietors of saint emilion, these wonderful, fascinating encounters, this constant care for excellence, rarity, exclusivity…

Guiding the customers in the restaurant is essential, you need to listen, understand the desire and offer a wine answering these criteria without imposing my tastes… His art is knowing the men and terroirs but also the customers he delicately leads in their discovery. His complicity with the chef brings him to find new wonders that will magnify, accentuate, underline a trait of his cuisine. Together they build menus with wine pairings, propose many nectars by the glass for an always greater pleasure. 

At the bar as well as on the beautiful terrace, Benoit Gelin likes to see guests linger, that he will introduce to exceptional cognac and armagnac, right from his passionate selection.