In the kitchen, Cédric Béchade, with a flawless path, 10 years at the Plaza Athénée in Paris with Alain Ducasse and Jean-François Piège, he creates the Auberge Basque in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle and knows the job and its little secrets, between big brigades and personal adventure. He now puts his creative energy and talent in the Hostellerie de Plaisance through a contemporary and tasty cuisine respecting the traditions and local produce. The sommelier, Benoit Gelin, is here to introduce you to the wines that made the bordelais vineyard’s renown. 

CEDRIC BÉCHADE LIKES TO SUGGEST A delightful cuisine, beautiful to look at, gourmand to eat and happy to share.

He initiated a long time ago a fructuous dialogue with farmers that allow him to work with great quality produce. His very constructed plates reach for a balance of tastes, textures and colours. No excess, the produce is respected, magnified, underlined with tenderness and honesty. 

The chef also enjoys playing on textures and contrasts. He likes to ennoble the produce and brings out the best of it, playing on a vivacious note, with a preference for the lively vegetal, the subtle fish or the smooth meat. Often monochrome, the dish finds its meaning in the work around the contrasts of voluptuous, soft and light textures. 

Cédric Béchade takes great care of everything around the meal, like bread and cheese. Bread, essential as a cultural and culinary symbol, is here treated as an addition to the flavours’ harmony: natural, made with exceptional flours, shaped by hand, it is baked by Sylvain Marie, without any additive or preservative. The same goes for the cheeses selection, telling the story of a terroir, of men and women who care about high quality, of flavours calling for pairings with Saint Emilion wines…