As a child, Chantal Perse dreamed of being a doctor. But her destiny was very different. She marries a visionary man with the soul of a builder, gets involved in their grocery shop and, ambition helping, finds herself at the head of hypermarkets. Her husband loves wine and stocks up his stores at the wine merchants, she watches, listens, learns, likes stylish objects, is interested in art, chooses elegance and human values. 

He buys vines in Saint-Emilion, they decide together to change lives. He purchases a few castles – Montbousquet, Pavie and Bellevue-Mondotte- learns, experiments, develops new techniques, shapes exceptional wines. 

Meanwhile, Chantal Perse takes the lead of the Hostellerie de Plaisance in 2001, starts developing a beautiful establishment in Saint-Emilion and begins in 2007 big refection work. She masters the profession and makes her hotel an internationally renowned place for its elegance, quality in everything, the sophisticated spirit that she puts in this beautiful adventure. 

They both have a taste for team work, one in his vineyards, the other at the hotel. You need a soul to be an hotelier, a set of ideas, of encounters, of choices and persons that will create something unique, different, dedicated to others, to the customers, the suppliers, the amateurs. 

"high standards are a daily concern, in this profession you have to know how to reinvent, adjust, refine daily and never settle for what has already been done", here is the task chantal perse faces daily.